September 20, 2017
History of The Jaguar E-Type
The Jaguar E-Type While Jaguar might have been a troubled automaker for the past decade or two, being sold, and then sold again, the company was once a powerhouse in the British automotive scene. While there are many examples of popular models from the automaker, it’s the Jaguar E-Type that most often comes to mind...
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History of The MG TC
The MG TC When you think about the MG brand, what’s the first car that comes to mind? Chances are good it’s the Midget, which gained considerable acclaim. However, there are those for whom the TC is the first marque they remember. A classic two-seater, the MG TC embodied the sports car heritage of the...
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History of The Vincent Black Shadow
The Vincent Black Shadow Hailed by Popular Mechanics as “the first super bike, and maybe the best”, the Vincent Black Shadow is also the favourite motorcycle of famed late TV show host and comedian Jay Leno. A Black Shadow ridden in the 1952 world speed trials in Montlhery, France, where it set the world speed...
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History of The BSA Gold Star
The BSA Gold Star Dubbed “Goldies” by riders and fans, the BSA Gold Star line of motorcycles has a rich and storied history that dates back to the 1930s. Production began in 1938, and ran through 1963, and was comprised of both 350 cc and 500 cc engines. The Inspiration The inspiration for the BSA...
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5 Considerations to Make before Restoring a Classic Bike
5 Considerations to Make before Restoring a Classic Bike Restoring a classic bike is a bit like restoring a classic car, but it’s really more dissimilar. There are quite a few differences involved, and you’ll need to understand what they are and how they are likely to impact your experience before you start the project....
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The Two Ball Banger Rally: Rally Racing Europe
The Two Ball Banger Rally: Rally Racing Europe While the UK is home to plenty of rally races both large and small, there are several that span the continent that might be worth your time. The Two Ball Banger Rally might just be one of those, particularly if you’re interested in a race that has...
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