Four Vital Tips for Restoring a Classic Motorcycle
Whether you have a passion for rolling “heavy iron” like the Panther Model 100, or you’re more into speed with classic bikes like the Triumph Bonneville, enjoying your passion will likely mean finding an older model to restore. While restoring a motorcycle is less intensive than restoring a classic car, simply because of the size...
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The Most Difficult Aspects of Classic Car Restoration
Restoring a classic car allows you to breathe new life back into an iconic vehicle. It’s equal parts passion and precision, investment and hobby.In a best-case scenario, it can give you a stunning show car, or allow you to enjoy the dream car of your youth as a daily driver. However, there are significant challenges...
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5 Considerations to Make before Restoring a Classic Bike
5 Considerations to Make before Restoring a Classic Bike Restoring a classic bike is a bit like restoring a classic car, but it’s really more dissimilar. There are quite a few differences involved, and you’ll need to understand what they are and how they are likely to impact your experience before you start the project....
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4 Tips for Restoring a Classic Car
4 Tips for Restoring a Classic Car Breathing new life into a classic car that’s been marred by the passage of time is an enjoyable, even exciting thing. However, whether you’re interested in restoring a muscle car to its former glory, or wish to rejuvenate a faded luxury vehicle, you will need to do things...
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Choosing Your Restoration Car: A Guide to Picking the Right Option
Choosing Your Restoration Car: A Guide to Picking the Right Option Classic car restoration is many things. However, most of all, it is a labour of love. That should be your mantra through all the steps in the restoration process, and holding that in mind will help when frustration inevitably arises. It also helps to...
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Choosing the Right Restoration Shop to Work with You
You’re mechanically inclined. You might even be a mechanic yourself (either present or ex). However, chances are good that you dont have the space at your home to conduct a full restoration of your dream car. You probably lack essential equipment as well – a vehicle lift is a big expense, and not something that...
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Auto Restoration For Passion or Profit
For many, the choice to restore a car is simply an offshoot of their passion for automobiles. They have a “dream car” they’ve longed to restore for years. When they finally find the time and money to buy a fixer-upper, they embark on the quest. However, others get into it not so much out of...
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6 Vital Tips for Car Restorers
Restoring a classic car is a labour of love. It’s an incredible journey to take a vehicle from the point of not operating at all to being fully restored to its original glory. However, it’s also a journey that can be fraught with pitfalls to snare the unware. Whether you’re a first time restorer, or...
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