Diverse Fleet Insurance Solutions

Automotive fleets range from two vehicles to thousands. They can include anything from business- owned vehicles for employee use to loan cars for customers and a great deal more. Lifestyle Insurance Brokers have the experience necessary to find the correct insurance policy which will suit the needs of your business.

Our wide range of suppliers ensures we have the ability to find Commercial Vehicle Insurance for all practical applications.

A Single Policy To Cover All Your Vehicles

Covering your vehicles under one policy could streamline the way you do insurance. You will no longer have to remember multiple dates from billing to renewal, all your paperwork will handily be in one email, and better yet, you could even save yourself some money.

So, whether you have a fleet of vehicles, vans or both one of our advisors would love to speak to you about a fleet insurance policy.

Protect Your Investment

With driving being the UK's single most dangerous activity, protecting the investment you have made in your vehicles and the employees has never been so important. Here at Lifestyle, we understand the importance of this investment, so we make it our mission to get this right for you.

The Protection Offered

At Lifestyle Insurance Brokers, we take pride in helping you find the right insurance policy for your fleet of vehicles. Our motor fleet insurance provides:

Protection for business-owned vehicles in the event they are damaged or involved in an accident

Protection for employees operating the business-owned vehicles

Protection for the third-party in the event of an accident should an employee be found at fault