Business / Retail Insurance

Protection for all your hard work and investment.

Taking the plunge into running your own business warrants proper business insurance protection.

More and more people are choosing to run their own business, whether that be on a self-employed basis or setting up a company.  But have you considered Business Insurance? Remember….

The rewards can be great, but so can the risks!

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Your business insurance policy will need to be based on the risks your business faces and will be varied depending on the industry you are in

So consider the following....

For all industries

Business insurance covers a whole range of industries with products available to suit your particular requirements – whether you are a pub, restaurant, shop, office, medical practice, hotel or takeaway.

Stock & Equipment

If you run a shop or salon then you might want to consider insuring your valuable stock and equipment


If you have employees then Employers Liability Insurance is a legal requirement

General public

If the general public have access to your premises then you can protect yourself from injury claims with Public Liability cover

Professional sectors

Professionals such as solicitors, architects and financial services may want to cover office equipment and consider Professional Indemnity to insure themselves against any claims brought for negligence or poor advice

Business Interruption

With Business Interruption cover, you can protect your business against loss of income following a claim under material damage – for example you can insure your loss of profits following a flood that has forced your business to close for a period of time.

Customised business insurance cover to suit your needs and budget.

You can package your policy however you wish to help keep your premium as low as possible whilst selecting the ideal cover that fully protects your business assets and your future should the worst ever happen.

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Call our expert team of advisors on 0161 641 3229 to discuss all the options available to you and make sure you are fully protected

Call our expert team of advisors on 0161 641 3229 to discuss all the options available to you and create a policy to meet your organisations needs