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Car Mechanic Insurance

Why you need it and why we can get you the best deal.

Mechanic insurance is imperative in a motor trade business. A mechanics income in the motor trade business is likely to flow well as personal, corporate and public vehicles require the services of a mechanic frequently. We have access to comprehensive insurance policies that have been carefully designed to protect your income, whether you are operating as a mobile mechanic, from home or have a vehicle repair shop.

Motor trade business risks

The hope of every owner of a mechanic workshop in the motor trade business is to accumulate savings and expand the business. This can be achieved with sound financial management and hard work, but there are several risks that constantly threaten your income. You may have policies in place to protect your business against theft, vandalism and destruction of property which are obvious risks as a mechanic, but if you have employees in your business, you may have more reasons to worry, such as health hazards that they are exposed to every day. These hazards include:

Chemical and particle exposure

Mechanic employees in the motor trade business are exposed to harmful dust particles, sharp metal items, toxic paints, polishes, primers and fillers. These may cause damage to eyes, skin and respiratory system leading to serious health issues that are subject to compensation claims against the employer.

Slips and falls

Mechanics are regularly exposed to slip and fall hazards due to the presence of grease and oils in their working space. This may lead to fractures and permanent disability in cases of spine or head injury.

Back pain issues

Lifting heavy car parts like wheels, tyres, gearboxes etc. is common in the car repair business. Even though you may have invested in expensive lifting devices such as a forklift, or engine hoists, workers will still need to lift some of the parts manually. This can result in muscle strain, sprain and back health issues which again are work related.

Cuts, abrasions and burns

Mechanics work with winches, trolleys, compressors and other equipment containing gears, sprockets and other moving mechanical components. Mechanical equipment can cause deep cuts, severed fingers and burns even if the mechanic is wearing protective clothing.

Road Accidents

After the repairs or servicing, mechanics are required to carry out a road test to ascertain that the vehicle is fit to return to the customer. If a component of the vehicle is faulty, it was not replaced correctly or if they just had a general lapse of concentration it could lead to a fatal accident.


Mechanic Insurance

Types of mechanic insurance policy

As mechanic insurance brokers, we have access to many comprehensive insurance policies that are available to protect your hard earned motor trade income, from many insurance companies, so we can tailor the very best insurance for your business needs. They include the following:

Public liability Insurance – Covers injuries and property damage through accidental slips and falls within your garage and accidents occurring during the road test with the customer’s car.

Workers compensation – Provides compensation to employees in case of injuries and death while at work.

Theft – Provides insurance cover for stolen mechanic’s equipment, tools, cash and customer’s vehicles entrusted to you as a mechanic.

Professional indemnity – These policies protect you from compensation claims filed against you when something goes wrong following your professional advice. For example, when you do a presale car inspection and advise your customer to purchase it only to find that the car had a hidden mechanical problem that you could not detect.

Custom vehicles insurance cover – This mechanic insurance policy is best for those dealing with exotic, custom and high value customer’s cars.

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