Motor Trade and the MID

The database to identify whether a vehicle is registered as insured.

What is the Motor Insurance Database?

The Motor Insurance Database (MID) is used primarily to reduce uninsured driving in the UK. Police and the authorities use the database to identify whether a vehicle is registered as insured.

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Maintaining accurate MID records is essential to protect both you and the insurer.

If your vehicle is not on the database the Police may stop you and seize your vehicle. If you fail to remove a vehicle once sold, insurers have a legal obligation to deal with any third party claims where a vehicle shows as insured by them on the MID, this means that your no claims bonus may be reduced and your premium may increase.

Which vehicles do I need to add to the MID?

Any motor vehicle owned by you (the policyholder), any stock vehicles which are used for Social Domestic & Pleasure & trade plates should all be added to your MID.  Vehicles should be added as soon as reasonably possible and preferably on the day of purchase. 

You should not add any customer vehicles that you are working on or any vehicle not owned by the policyholder.

Do you have questions about the M.I.D?

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Want to update your M.I.D. listing?

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How do I update the MID?

You will find details of how to update the MID in your “Welcome Pack”. Most insurers offer online access to quickly and easily submit your updates.

You can view your welcome pack in the documents section of your Client Portal

If your policy is with an insurer who does not offer a direct update facility, please click here for our MID update service form.

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