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    What is Tradesman Insurance?

    Tradesman Insurance is a type of business insurance designed to protect self-employed traders and small businesses of all kinds.

    This cover is beneficial to hundreds of different trades including Plumbers, Builders, Painters & Decorators, Electricians, IT Professionals, Surveyors, and Retailers.

    These policies cover many potential events which may affect your ability to operate your business or, in the case of compensation claims, to protect you from large financial losses.

    Tradesman Insurance varies hugely...

    The first thing to note is that Tradesman insurance policies vary hugely depending on the insurer and the product they offer. The policies are offered under a variety of product names for example; Business Insurance, Tradesman, Master Tradesman, Self Employed Insurance or Contractors Insurance.  There is no set template of the lever cover they offer – some policies may only offer two or three sections while others may offer dozens of choices to tailor the product to your specific needs! Some sections may be a legal requirement (Employers Liability), others may be a condition of a contract you have and others are just personal choice depending on your trade and attitude to risk. Some of the most common types of cover you can include in your tradesman policies are listed below…..

    on site insurance cover for small businesses and tradesman UK

    The most common types of cover you can include in your Tradesman Policies

    Remember; we can tailor your policy to meet your exact needs.

    Own Plant

    Covers damage to plant owned by the policyholder whilst at the contract site, in transit or at the policyholders’ premises.

    Hired Plant

    Similar to Own Plant but covers plant that is hired by the policyholder


    Covers damage or loss of hand tools or hand-held portable power tools owner by or hired to the policyholder.

    Good in transit

    This section covers goods that relate to the business, whilst in (or being loaded or unloaded from) any motor vehicle either owned by you or under your direct control

    Public Liability

    This provides cover for any injury caused to a third party, or any damage caused to third party property. You can normally choose the limit of indemnity you want from £1 million, £2 million or £5 million.

    Employer's liability

    This cover is a legal requirement if you have any employees. The purpose is to give cover for any legal costs or compensation claims made against you by your employees for injuries and illnesses incurred while working for you. 

    Contract Works

    Provides cover for tradesmen such as builders in respect of work that is in progress on a site. It will cover costs of repairing a project that is damaged by insured events like fire, storm or theft. Cover can also include replacing materials on site or being transported to the site (as long as they relate to the project).

    Always read your policy

    Policy cover may vary depending on the exact policy you have. Always ensure you have read and understood your policy documents.

    We deal with the UK’s top insurers who provide cover for a huge range of business and occupations with policies tailored to your needs.

    Contractors All Risks Insurance

    What is the difference between Contractors All Risks and Tradesman insurance?

    Tradesman insurance is similar in nature to Contractors All Risks which is usually specific to contractors who are involved in new builds or extensions and combines all the above cover with Contract Works forming the basis of the policy. The ‘all risks’ terminology refers to the events (perils) the policy covers (as opposed to specified events only such as fire or theft). Contractors All Risks can also have Advanced Business Interruption cover providing indemnity for financial loss as a result of a delay in the scheduled start – important for contracts that have time stipulations.

    Consider your trade Insurance behaviour.

    Foreseeing potential situations and applying good practise can get more from your cover.

    It is important to remember that different policies offered by different insurers will have their own unique endorsements and exclusions. As with all insurance, a lot of the exclusions are based around best practises in order to reduce the likelihood of a claim. For example, tools need to be put away inside a locked vehicle or building and projects under construction must not have had work suspended for a period of more than 30 days (abandoned sites are hotspots for thieves and vandals!)

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