Motor Trade Insurance

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Motor trade insurance (also known as “Traders Insurance”) gives you full insurance cover if you are working with customer vehicles, and/or buying and selling vehicles either from your home or from business premises. Lifestyle Insurance Brokers supply policies from an extensive panel of the top UK insurance companies, making it possible to find a perfectly tailored policy with a reputable insurer for the lowest possible prices. Whether you are working from home with just a few vehicles or have a large workshop / showroom, we can save you money.

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motor trade insurance
motor trade insurance


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    Motor Trade Insurance for motor industry professionals

    Lifestyle Insurance Brokers are able to serve a wide range of motor trade professionals across the UK including occupations such as:

    New & Used Vehicle Sales

    Vehicle Repairer & Servicing

    Vehicle Body Repairer & Servicing

    MOT Centres

    Vehicle Electrical Repairer & Servicing

    Vehicle Recovery Service

    Vehicle Collection & Delivery

    Vehicle Window Tinting

    Vehicle Tyre Fitter & Repairer

    Vehicle Dismantler & Scrapper

    Vehicle Wrapper & Sign Writer

    Vehicle Windscreen Fitter

    Can’t see your motor trade in the list?

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    There are two kinds of Motor Trade Insurance

    Motor Trade insurance is split into two distinct types of products offering differing levels of protection, the product you choose will depend on your own circumstances such as whether you trade from home or business premises and your occupation.

    The products are usually called Motor Trade Road Risks policies (suited for home businesses) or the more comprehensive Motor Trade Combined policies (suited for commercial premises).

    If you’re looking to extend the coverage of your road risk policy to a more comprehensive combined policy our expert advisors can guide you through the selection of additional cover available:
    • Protection against loss or damage of your customers’ and employees’ personal possessions.
    • Protection against theft of money (both from your business and money left in customer vehicles)
    • Protection against damage to your business premises (Owned by you, or if you are liable for repairs under a tenancy agreement)
    • Protection against damage to contents at your premises including:
    • Fixtures and fittings
    • Machinery & Equipment
    • Engineering & Plant Inspection Services
    • Liability Protection (Employers & Public Liability)
    • Protection against damage to vehicles left on your premises (including both stock or personal vehicles, as well as customer vehicles)
    • Protection against business interruption
    • Protection for your essential tools

    As specialist Motor Trade brokers, we are the experts.