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    Commercial Combined Insurance for all businesses

    Whatever the size and profession of your business, we are here to provide the protection you need for your assets and liabilities with tailored commercial combined business insurance policies.

    With our team of expert advisors on hand to guide you, we can customise your policy to your exact needs with our extensive list of the UK’s leading insurers, by choosing the cover that is important to your business.

    Complete business protection with a commercial combined policy

    Including, but not limited to, the following…
    • Protection against damage to your business premises (whether owned by you, or if you are liable for repairs under a tenancy agreement)
      • Can include cover for multiple premises under one policy
    • Protection against damage to contents at your business premises including:
      • Fixtures and fittings
      • Machinery
      • Equipment
    • Liability Protection (Employers, Public & Sales/Service Liability)
    • Protection against business interruption
    • Protection for your essential tools
    • Protection for your stock
    • Professional Indemnity
    • Protection against theft of money
    • Legal expenses for Employment disputes, contract disputes & debt recovery
    • A whole range of professions and trades are catered for
      • Manufacturers
      • Wholesalers
      • Food/Drink businesses
      • Leisure centres & Gyms
      • Metalworkers
      • Engineering Firms
      • ….and MANY more!

    Still confused by Commercial Combined Insurance?

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    Most types of businesses need a variety of insurance to keep their business operating smoothly in the event of loss or damage to property or a claim for damages made against them.

    Commercial Combined insurance provides cover for the different types of cover you may need under one policy and can be tailored to your specific requirements.

    A full outline of Commercial Combined Insurance is listed below.

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    cafe insurancafe commercial combined insurance policy cover UKce policy cover UK

    Do I need Commercial Combined Insurance for my business?

    Let's answer a few questions....

    Businesses usually own property of some description (your assets), whether it’s the buildings you work in, the stock, tools or machinery you have inside. Can your business afford to replace these if they were damaged due to a fire,  flood or if they were stolen? 

    Some covers are a legal requirement (such as Employers Liability) and others may be required to join your trade body (such as Professional Indemnity) or you may even have to meet certain conditions to win that contract you have bid for (such as having Public Liability insurance). Whatever your business, it makes sense to obtain protection for your business and your customers.

    Cover provided by Commercial Combined Insurance policies.

    The main types of cover provided by a Commercial Combined Policy are detailed below. Remember; we can tailor your policy to meet your exact needs.

    Material Damage

    Provides cover for the buildings and other property (such machinery plant, tools, stock & office equipment) at the business premises.

    Business Interruption

    Pays you for losses incurred because of interruption to your business due to damage to buildings or property insured under the material damage section. Payments may be based on your gross profit or revenue.


    Covers damage/loss of money whilst at the premises, in a safe, in transit or at the private dwelling of authorised persons.

    Employers Liability

    A legal requirement for anybody who employs others. This section will cover you for any compensation claimed by your employees for injuries or illnesses suffered as a result of working for you.

    Public Liability & Sales/Service Indemnity

    Provides cover for compensation claimed by a third party (for example your customers or members of the public) if you cause injury to them or damage to their property. It is not a legal requirement to have Public Liability insurance.

    Goods in Transit

    Covers loss or damage to property whilst in transit. Cover can include property in your own vehicles and/or by other carriers

    Professional Indemnity

    This will cover you in the event that one of your customers makes a claim against you for damages or losses they have incurred as a direct result of work you have completed or advice you have given.


    This section covers you for loss of money or goods as a result of theft by an employee, including acts of fraud or dishonesty by an employee with the intent of making financial gain.


    Damage &/or losses caused by terrorist acts are not typically covered under other standard sections of commercial insurance policies. This section essentially bridges the gap in cover to provide cover for damages or losses as a result of an act of terrorism.

    Personal Accident

    This is sometimes included within the Money section under Assault cover. It pays you a set amount as defined in the policy schedule if you or one of your employees suffers injury caused by theft/violence. You may also have a separate Personal Accident section that covers injury by other (accidental) means. In either section, the amount paid may be a lump sum or a weekly benefit depending on the type of injury sustained.

    Commercial Legal Expenses

    This covers Legal Expenses, Awards of Compensation, Jury Service Allowance and Witness Attendance Allowance incurred in pursuit or defence of any claim brought by or against you for events defined on your schedule – for example Contract Disputes, Employment Tribunals, Taxation Proceedings, Criminal Prosecution Defence, Property Disputes, Personal Injury or Jury Service Allowance.

    Directors & Officers Insurance

    Directors and Officers insurance will pay for costs and damages claimed personally against the directors, partners and principles of a business. It covers sums which the insured person is legally liable to pay in respect of defence costs, damages awarded by a court and settlements (with the prior agreement of the insurer). Claims may arise from employees, shareholders, regulators and customers relating to Health and Safety breaches, negligent acts/errors and breaches of duty.

    Cyber Cover

    This section will cover you for costs incurred as a result of security breaches of IT systems. Costs may include; Investigations into the security breach. Losses incurred due to interruption of normal business activities. Restoration of data following security breaches. Extortion losses (money paid as a direct result of a threat to impair access to your computer systems or to destroy, corrupt or erase your data). 

    Always read your policy

    Policy cover may vary depending on the exact policy you have. Always ensure you have read and understood your policy documents.

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