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    Who needs property owner’s insurance and why should they take it?

    Property owner’s insurance covers losses that you may incur relating to your rental property. There are two main types of property owner policies – Residential and Commercial and for each, the property in question may be a single property, a group of properties together (such as flats or apartments), or various properties in various locations (known as a property portfolio). We can also provide quotations for some risks that mainstream insurers may shy away from like Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMO’s) , unoccupied property and property undergoing work.

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    Each property owner policy can be tailored to your needs and cover can vary depending on your requirements. The most basic aspect of a policy is buildings cover which will pay for the rebuild or repair to the structure of the building, however you may also wish to include some of the following;

    Property owner’s liability

    Covers the cost of damage or claims made against you as a result of an accident or injury sustained on your property

    Alternative accommodation

     Covers the cost to re-house your tenants if the property is uninhabitable due to damage

    Contents cover

    For repair or replacement of damaged contents if the property is let furnished for example

    Loss of rent

    Will pay our if your property is uninhabitable due to damage

    Default insurance

    Can cover you if your tenant fails to pay the rent for 2 months or more (you will normally be expected to have performed credit checks and obtained rent references at the start of the tenancy)

    Legal expenses

    Covers legal costs such as fees for dealing with evictions, or court costs for unpaid rent.

    Employers Liability

    Covers compensation claims by employees for injuries sustained whilst working for you

    Unoccupied property insurance cover

    Some policies are also specifically designed for unoccupied properties that may be awaiting sale or renovation, you can also choose reduced cover or full cover on these policies. You may have certain obligations (such as visiting the property frequently) where a property is unoccupied.

    Property Portfolio Insurance

    Having your property portfolio insured under one policy can make the administration of the insurance easier and more cost-effective.

    Whilst it is not a legal necessity to have landlord’s insurance, if the property is mortgaged your lender will usually make it a requirement to have suitable insurance in place. If you have any employees who deal with your rental properties it is a legal requirement to have Employers Liability cover and this can be added to most policies.

    property portfolio insurance UK
    property portfolio insurance UK

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    A rental property is likely to be one of your biggest investments and with the right cover in place you can have peace of mind that your investment is safe.

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