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    What is Motor Fleet Insurance?

    Motor Fleet insurance is designed for those who run a business and own at least 2 company cars, vans or other vehicles to obtain insurance allowing them to use the vehicles for their stated occupation. 

    Please keep in mind that commercial vehicle insurance differs from your own person vehicle insurance. Your company car/van insurance covers you for much more.

    A business of any size can have a fleet policy. You might have 2 vehicles or you might have 200, but we can customise the perfect policy for your needs and save you money in the process.

    At Lifestyle, we deal with a broad range of insurance companies including some of the biggest names in the UK, and this means we can provide a custom policy for your specific needs.

    fleet vehicle insurance policies UK
    fleet vehicle insurance policies UK

    Motor Fleet Insurance in a nutshell....

    • If you run a business and own at least 2 vehicles you may want to consider a motor fleet insurance policy
    • Make your admin easier! Add all your vehicles under one policy - rather than having your vehicles insured separately and dealing with multiple different companies and renewal dates, have one policy and one renewal date (even if you add vehicles throughout the year)
    • We will handle any changes you need to make to the policy in an efficient and timely manner.
    • Use your current individual no claims discount entitlements to obtain lower premiums
    • We deal with the countries top insurers so you know you are in safe hands in the event of an accident or claim.
    • Policies underwritten to your specific needs and requirements
    • Private Cars, Commercial Vehicles, HGV’s, LGV’s, Tippers, Executive Vehicles – all catered for with our extensive panel of insurers
    • Cover for Social, Domestic & Pleasure, Business Use and Hire & Reward is available.
    • Optional extensions for breakdown cover & tools in transit

    Already have a Motor Fleet policy?

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    Motor Fleet Insurance gives flexibility.

    Motor fleet insurance is typically provided on an a ‘any driver’ basis and you would normally specify the minimum age of your drivers such as ‘any driver over the age of 30’. Usually, the higher the age limit the lower the premium. Some insurers will let you specify 1 or 2 named drivers that fall outside the normal policy limits who can still drive multiple business vehicles, this can help keep your premiums as low as possible.

    Add or remove fleet
    vehicles at any time.

    Flexibility for an ever changing economy.

    One of the main advantages of Fleet insurance is the ability to add and remove vehicles with ease. The policies are vehicle rated – this means each addition or deletion will generate an additional premium or refund of premium. Most fleet policies are administered on an ‘as and when’ adjustment basis however large fleets are often on a declaration basis (this means your adjustments are made instantly however you are only invoiced for the sum of the changes once every quarter or half year). At Lifestyle we have a dedicated Motor Fleet team to assist with any changes you may require during the term of your policy. 

    You may have heard of Mini Fleet Insurance, this is simply just a term sometimes used to refer to Motor Fleet policies of 1-12 vehicles. Rest assured our advisors will always find the most suitable product for your needs.

    Applying for your first Motor Fleet Policy?

    Get a head start....

    If you are applying for your first Fleet Insurance quote for multiple business vehicles, we are able to use your individual No Claims Discounts previously earned on your private or commercial vehicles to obtain lower quotations. It’s simple; 2/3 vans, one policy, all the cover!  Get us to give you a quote today!

    Dedicated Motor Fleet Insurance Brokers

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