7 Tips to Help Plan a Road Tour of the UK

7 Tips to Help Plan a Road Tour of the UK

While the US might have it beat in terms of the sheer amount of mileage that can be driven, the UK is one of the most popular places to take a road trip thanks to the range of driving environments. From winding, narrow roads to scenic vistas to quaint market towns and everything in between, there’s an immense amount of fun to be had with a road tour of the UK. However, before you set off on the blacktop, you need to ensure that you’ve planned effectively.

Plan a Route

Our first tip is a bit of a no-brainer. Plan your route. While spontaneity can be a lot of fun, it does not work all that well with road tripping, particularly if you need to rent a car. Speaking of renting, if you are, plan a circular route so you can easily return your car to the rental location. You’ll save money.

Book Accommodation Creatively

You’ll find a wealth of hotels in the UK, but it’s better to make use of the variety of B&Bs and other small rental options. Many of these can be booked just a day or two ahead of time, which allows you to be very flexible in your trip planning.

Hit the Sites

The UK is home to not just amazing roadways, but also some of the most impressive archaeological sites in the world. Make time to stop at a few during your tour. No matter where you’re travelling, you’ll find at least a handful or sites to enjoy.

Pack Light

Save some space in the car and pack light. Bring your clothes, medications, personal effects and the like, but leave the nonessentials behind. You’ll find a wealth of markets to explore along the way and savings space leaves room for your new finds.

Don’t Drive in Urban Areas

While you should certainly make time to explore some of the UK’s big cities, don’t try driving in them. Park your rental and use public transport for London, Cardiff, and all the rest.

Pack for the Weather

Weather in the UK can be a bit unpredictable at all times of year. Make sure you pack for just about anything. If you’re travelling June through September, you’ll likely have good weather for the majority of the time, but other times of year are not so congenial, and there is always a chance of rain.

Have Navigational Aids

Make sure you have an accurate GPS or map app on your smartphone but be prepared for areas with low or no cell signal. A dedicated GPS unit can help, but there is no substitute for an actual paper map of the areas through which you will be travelling.

Whether you’re looking for adrenaline-inducing turns or you want to enjoy some of the UK’s amazingly rich history, a road trip is just the ticket. Take a moment or two and plan your journey to avoid potential disasters.





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