A Guide to Attending Your First Motor Fair

If you love motor vehicles but have never attended one of the many motor fairs held throughout the UK every year, you owe it to yourself to make time to visit. What might you experience at these events, though? While a great deal will hinge on the size and type of motor fair that you attend, there are a few things that apply in all cases.

Find the Right Fair

There are dozens of motor fairs held throughout the UK and hundreds more in Europe every year. Each has a slightly different theme. You’ll find classic car shows, monster truck shows, racing-related shows, and everything in between. Take the time to research what’s out there and find a motor fair that fits with your interests, whether that’s classic VWs or supercars.

Book Early If Possible

Some of the most popular UK motor fairs book up quickly, and while you may be able to purchase tickets at the gate, it’s better (and cheaper) to purchase them ahead of time. This is particularly true for shows like the London Motor Show, the British International Motor Show, and fairs held on the continent, such as the Geneva Motor Show. Buy your tickets early and you’ll save both time and money, and you will not have to stand in line on the big day.


If you’ll be travelling to the motor fair from a distance, you might want to book accommodations to make your stay more comfortable. Make sure that you do this early – popular shows will fill up hotels in the surrounding area. You should be prepared to pay a bit more than you would normally, as well. Many hotels raise their rates for big events like popular motor fairs. Booking a room early may help you secure a discount or cheaper rate.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

One of the most important things to understand about attending a motor fair is that you will be on your feet long periods of time. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes or you could find that the experience is less than enjoyable.

Bring the Kids

Once, motor fairs were more oriented toward the tastes of adults. Today, that is not true, and you’ll find that most fairs have something to engage the kids. Even the smallest, most local fairs will have games, food, and possibly even rides. Meanwhile, the larger fairs actually have children’s areas where your little ones can have a great time while you’re indulging in your petrol-fuelled fantasies.

Bring Questions

Many of today’s most popular motor fairs are as much about meeting the minds behind some of the most iconic vehicles in history as they are about getting up close and personal to those cars. Bring questions to ask – designers, engineers, mechanics, sales reps, and more will be happy to answer whatever you might want to ask.

There you have it – a brief guide to planning for your first motor fair. The single most important rule is this: have fun.



Image: http://weirdnewsledger.com/2019/03/09/strange-but-amazing-cars-of-the-2019-geneva-motor-show/

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