Not familiar with Lazy Tax on Insurance Policies?

Let us explain.....

The term ‘Lazy tax’ is a phrase used to describe a financial penalty businesses pay for not regularly checking, shopping around, negotiating, or upgrading to the latest best deal businesses are offering on everything from utility bills to phone, internet, home loans, and insurances. You could be paying extra money unnecessarily for many of these items, simply because you haven’t shopped around.

Obviously, this is not an official government tax, it is simply the price we pay for complacency. Many Brits tend to choose a service provider and then take a “set-and-forget-it” approach to paying bills and instalments without going back to review or do comparisons.

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The cause of Lazy Tax....

The most common case of “Lazy Tax” is with insurance policies – “It’s just a fee I pay every year!” The only time you really take notice is when you get a notification of a price increase, but even then you’re not 100% sure where to start looking for a better deal, or if you have time or can be bothered.

While it may seem silly not to try find a better deal, time is money and you need to make money to pay the bills, so why waste hours chasing a new policy? On the other hand, some people also don’t mind paying a bit more for the convenience of not having to change providers, and some even have loyalty towards companies or just do not know or trust some of the new entrants into these markets and therefore would prefer to stay with what they know and trust.

The easy solution....

That is where we, a Motor Trade Insurance Broker come in. We have access to the best motor trade insurance deals in the country, all in one place. Our experienced underwriters will review your insurance needs and find the best possible deal that is available to your business today from hundreds of insurance companies, saving you hours of research, and more importantly, money!

Some examples of how much we can save you

Chris : Mobile Mechanic from home - saved £2300

WORK: Mobile Mechanic from home in Deeside
INSURANCE: Cover for Chris, his spouse and his business partner and their 6 vehicles plus customer vehicles up to £30,000 each
SAVING: Chris’ existing policy renewal price was £7600 and we matched the policy for £5300 saving £2300

Sarah : Full Time Car Sales from home - saved £448

WORK: Full Time Car Sales from home in Leicester
INSURANCE: Own & stock vehicles up to £10,000 each including trade plates and demonstration cover 
SAVING: Sarah’s existing policy renewal price was £1200 and we matched the policy for £752 saving £448

Matthew : Car sales from premises - saved £415

WORK: Car sales from premises in Walsall
INSURANCE: Road Risk cover up to £30,000 per vehicle plus stock of vehicles covered at his business premises up to a total of £50,000
SAVING: Matthew’s existing policy renewal price was £1800 and we matched the policy for £1385 saving £415

James : Part Time Car Sales from Home - saved £187

WORK: Part time car sales from home in Wrexham
INSURANCE: Own vehicles covered comprehensive up to £5000
SAVING: James’ existing policy renewal price was £687 and we matched the policy for £500 saving £187

David : Mobile mechanic and car salesman - saved £91

WORK: David trades from home in Eastbourne
INSURANCE: Own vehicles including his work van plus customers vehicles
SAVING: David’s existing policy renewal price was £666 and we matched the policy for £575 saving £91

Established and New Businesses:
These savings / competitive quotes are available for both new motor traders just starting out as well as established motor trade businesses, so get in touch today for the best possible deal!

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