Pure Rally 2019 UK Rally London to Liverpool

Pure Rally 2019 UK Rally London to Liverpool

You’ve honed your driving skills and waited all winter. Now all that time and preparation are about to pay off. It’s time to start the 2019 rally season, and the Pure Rally 2019 UK Rally London to Liverpool might be a great place to start. What’s on offer with this rally? What might you expect?


It’s a three-day event. The race runs from 19 July through 21 July.


This particular rally begins in London and then runs to Cardiff and finally wraps up in Liverpool.

What Does the Entry Fee Include?

For £300, you will receive quite a few things. Of course, entry to the race is the most important. However, you also get hotel stays during the race, breakfast each day, lunch on Saturday, entry to the karting venue, stickers for your car, access to support staff, a driver’s pack with a map and other information, and entry to the after-parties held along the route.


The schedule for the Pure Rally 2019 UK Rally London to Liverpool run allows you to fit in time on and off the track. It’s actually a rather relaxed event that focuses on having fun at each stage along the way.

Day 1 – You’ll get started with a 9 AM check in at the Ace Café in downtown London. Once you’ve gotten checked in, you and the other rally drivers will face off on the road to Cardiff. On arrival in Cardiff, you’ll get off the road and onto the karting track, then head over for the first night of partying.

Day 2 – The second leg of the race kicks off at a leisurely 11 AM as you head to a BBQ lunch. It’s in Beacon Valley, though, so you’ll put your driving skills to the test to get there. After a bit of tucker, you’ll head off on the final leg to Liverpool and then check into your hotel. The after party is located at a downtown nightclub.

Day 3 – The third day of the rally is actually filled with breakfast and an awards ceremony where the top drivers of the race will be honoured.

What Else to Know

There are a few other things that anyone interested in participating in this particular rally race should know.

  • A minimum of 2 people per car is required (you’ll need a navigator). The entry fee is per person, so it will cost a minimum of £600 per car.
  • There’s a £100 deposit required no later than the 1st of April.
  • Only 60 cars will be allowed in the rally, so it is important to reserve your spot early.
  • Starting order is determined by booking date, so the earlier you reserve your spot, the closer you will start to the front of the pack.

If you’re interested in enjoying a bit of rally racing with a bit of relaxation and fun, then this might be just the race for you. Get your entry in early.



Image: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/pure-rally-uk-2019-tickets-52918212799

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