What to Expect at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

What to Expect at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Looking to get your motoring enjoyment on with a motor fair? If so, there are plenty from which to choose throughout the UK. However, there are few that compare to the Goodwood Festival of Speed in terms of hill climbing performance, rally car viewing, super cars appearances, and more. What might you expect to experience at this annual UK motor fair?


First, understand that due to the incredible popularity of this motor fair, attendance is strictly capped at 150,000 people per day. Not only is attendance strictly controlled, but the event organisers require you to purchase tickets ahead of time. No tickets are sold at the gate. This does mean that anyone interested in attending will need to plan their experience ahead of time. Tickets also sell out rather quickly, so it is recommended that you buy early.

When and Where

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is held every year in West Sussex, on the grounds of the Goodwood house. It was started in 1993 by Lord March and has only grown more popular with each passing year. The event is held over the course of three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). The actual dates vary from year to year, but the 2019 motor fair will take place on July 4th through July 7th.

What’s on Hand?

There’s an immense number of attractions to experience at each Goodwood Festival of Speed. One of the most popular is the central display – a sculpture set up on the front lawn of Goodwood House. For most of the fair’s history, the display has honoured a particular automaker (Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, etc.). However, in 2018, the display actually honoured Bernie Ecclestone, one of the most influential figures in the global racing industry.

Of course, the central display is really just stage dressing – the real attractions here involve powerful cars driving at speed. The hill climb race is the central attraction for the entire festival. The fastest climb time was set in 1999 at 41.6 seconds, although Formula 1 cars are no longer allowed to participate in the climb itself.

Another attraction is the forest rally stage located at the top of the hill. Here, drivers, owners and manufacturers are able to show off rally cars in a forest run and return to the top of the hill. The supercar run is also a very popular attraction, with some of the world’s most powerful vehicles flexing their muscles in timed runs.

New technology is also showcased each year. For instance, in 2018, a driverless car made the climb to the top of the hill. Old technology is also in evidence – there are plenty of classic cars in evidence, particularly during Sunday events.

Combine all the motoring enjoyment with a wide range of activities, food, drink, and relaxation options, and you have a recipe for a record-setting three-day weekend.

If you have yet to make it to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, now is the time – tickets for 2019 are currently available.






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