How to Plan a Successful Road Tour of the UK

How to Plan a Successful Road Tour of the UK

The UK is ideal for road-tripping. Whether you love winding, challenging roads, straight-aways where you can get up to speed, scenic views, historic sites, or something else, there’s a lot on offer. Of course, planning a successful road tour can be quite challenging, particularly in a nation with so much on offer. The following guide will help ensure that you’re able to plan a successful trip.

Choose Your Area

Each area of the UK has something different to offer. Do you want to enjoy medieval and Roman architecture? The areas around York and Bath might be worth your time. Want to go deeper into the past? The Salisbury Plain is home to Stonehenge, as well as some lesser-known and less frequented stops. Prefer rugged coasts and hairpin turns? Western England and Wales should be on your itinerary, then, although Scotland’s coastline is just as rugged and challenging. Know what you want to see in your tour and how you want to spend the majority of your time, and then plan your trip accordingly.

Know Your Timeline

When taking a road tour through the UK, you need to know your timeline and build in a little bit of flexibility. You will encounter challenges from time to time, whether that’s traffic snarls in urban areas or flocks of sheep blocking the road in the countryside. Our recommendation is that you build extra time into each day of your trip to account for the unanticipated. In some cases, that may mean shortening your daily drive. In others, it may mean spending more time than you had expected exploring an area. Be flexible.

Plan for Picture-Taking Opportunities

You’ll travel through some of the most scenic landscapes and cities in the world during your tour. You’re going to want to get pictures. Do this the right way. Ideally, you’ll be traveling with at least one other person who can snap photos while you drive. If you’re driving alone, build in time during your day to stop, get out and take pictures, and then get back on the road. If you do stop for pictures, be courteous. Try to stop in designated areas rather than simply on the side of the road where you may become an obstacle for other drivers.

Plan for Costs

To be clear, many of the sights you’ll see are free to experience, at least from the roadway. However, you’ll encounter a wide range of costs during your tour. You’ll need to rent a car if you don’t have your own, which will also require insurance cover and other incidental fees. You may encounter toll roads depending on where you go, and you may also need to pay to get into local attractions. Be prepared for the costs you’ll incur.

In the end, a UK road tour can be an incredible, life-enriching experience. However, a little planning will go a long way toward ensuring that you don’t encounter any unexpected issues along the way.



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