The Inverness or Bust Rally – Bring Your Banger

The Inverness or Bust Rally – Bring Your Banger

Got a banger that you’d love to pit against others? The Inverness or Bust Rally might just be the ideal venue. It features a serpentine route that winds from York to Inverness to deliver both technical challenges and scenic views, and, as a two-day event, it’s short enough that even first-time rally racers will be comfortable with it. What should you know about the event?

When Does It Take Place?
The Inverness or Bust Rally takes will be held September 27 through September 29. It’s an annual event, so if you’ve already made plans for 2019, you should have plenty of time to get your registration in for 2020 when it opens up again.

What’s the Route Like?

The route this rally race follows begins in York. You’ll be required to arrive the night before the race, with on-site registration being held from 7 PM until midnight. After registration, take a little time to explore the city, grab a bite and maybe a pint. This is also when the starting grid is created, and older cars with less powerful engines will be given better starting positions.

The next day, you’ll head out from York and travel through two of the UK’s most beautiful national parks. You’ll drive through the Yorkshire Dales and then the Lake District. While you’ll be competing, make sure to get an eyeful of Lake Windermere, as well as Kendal. You’ll cross the Scottish border and Greta Green, and then drive into Stirling, where your day will end.

The second day you’ll drive from Stirling to Inverness. The route takes you past Loch Lomond National park, Glencoe, and Fort William, and then to Loch Ness before finally wrapping up the rally at Inverness. After the race finishes, there will be prize presentations and an after party for all to attend.

What’s On Offer?

While this is a banger rally, there’s more to it than just technical driving skills. You and the other drivers will also be required to solve a range of puzzles along the way and compete for a number of different prizes, all of which will be awarded at the end of the race. Each evening includes a get-together for food, drinks, and fun, as well.

Are There Requirements?

Yes, the banger you drive should be worth no more than £500. The organisers suggest purchasing one just for the event itself – there’s even the option to have it crushed after the race if you like. The event is limited to just 75 teams (and you do need a navigator, so make sure to bring a friend who wants to compete).

How Technical Is the Race?

The Inverness or Bust Rally is really more about having fun and enjoying some of the most iconic sights in the UK than it is about technical racing skills. However, some portions of the route can be very technical, so it definitely helps to have a love of driving.



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