The Road from Loch Lomond to Inverness

The Road from Loch Lomond to Inverness

The Road from Loch Lomond to Inverness

In search of a great road tour through Scotland? If so, take the road from Loch Lomond up to Inverness. You’ll experience stunning views, as well as challenging driving conditions that will make even seasoned veterans happy. 

As a note, the A82 is deceptive – it seems wide, flat and designed to let you hit top speed. Don’t do it. This can be a treacherous road if you’re not prepared, or if you fail to give it the respect it deserves. Also remember that the weather in the highlands can change very quickly, turning from glorious sunshine to rain or even snow at the drop of a hat. Stay focused, and pay attention, but enjoy the incredible mountain, lake and valley views you’ll encounter. We recommend frequent stops to rest, stretch your legs, and maybe snap a few photos while on the tour, too. 

The Start

The beginning of this trek is in Glasgow, and you’ll take the A82 north. This will lead you right into the wilderness that is the Scottish Highlands, and you’ll have open road for about 20 miles or so following the banks of Loch Lomond itself. After leaving the lake environs, you’ll enter a series of twists and turns that wrap around the mountains. Exercise care here, but enjoy the experience.

Next Up

After the twists and turns, you’ll find the road following the course of the River Fillan, and you’ll eventually reach Loch Talla. Here, the countryside transforms – mountains are still present, but the bog is the predominant feature. If you’re feeling the need to stretch your legs, Loch Talla is the best place to do just that. The official viewpoint is a great place to take in the scenery and austerity of northern Scotland.

Getting back on the road, you’ll continue northward, eventually passing Loch Ba and then Glencoe. We recommend stopping at Glencoe for a breather, as the road is pretty arduous at this point. Once you start back, you’ll hit Loch Leven and drive along its boundaries before crossing the lake at Ballachulish Bridge.

After the bridge crossing, the road turns eastward. You’ll continue to pass the region’s storied lakes, eventually ending up at Fort William. If you’re hungry or thirsty, now’s the time to find some sustenance. Beyond Fort William, you start climbing the foothills of the highest peak in the United Kingdom – Ben Nevis. You won’t get much higher than the foothills, though, as the road crosses Spean Bridge and then dives into the valley once more, where you’ll come across famed Loch Ness.

Rounding It Out

You’re on the last leg of your trek, and if you want to stop and explore Loch Ness (and maybe keep an eye out for Nessie), now’s your chance. You’ll actually continue on around the periphery of the lake until you come to Inverness, and the end of the road.

This is perhaps one of the most scenic yet challenging road tours in the UK, but there are many others out there just waiting for you to discover them.


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