What Makes a Great Touring Route?

What Makes a Great Touring Route?

Challenging Driving

Obviously, one of the most important parts of a great touring route willbe the presence of road sections that offer unique challenges to your motoringskills. Of course, “challenge” means something different to each driver. Youmight have a deep-seated love for hairpin turns, which would mean that a routethrough the Welsh or Scottish mountains might be a good idea, or a trip up tothe Cat and Fiddle Inn. You might prefer long straightaways that allow you tobuild speed, or you could prefer a varied route that includes a little bit ofeverything. When compiling your route, work with an eye toward your preferreddriving challenges.

Stunning Scenery

No UK touring route is complete without stunning scenery along the way.Thankfully, the nation is replete with incredible natural beauty, fromundulating moors to ancient forests to breath-taking mountains, hills, toweringcliffs, and everything in between. Make sure that the route you follow offersthe chance to get in touch with some of the UK’s incomparable natural beauty.

Historical Sites

If there is anything the UK boasts more of than natural beauty andchallenging driving areas, it’s historical sites. You’ll find everything fromcrumbling castles to restored cathedrals, and much more. The trick here is todefine your overall route, and then determine where you want to visit alongthat route. For instance, if you decided to drive from London to Bath to Oxfordto Cambridge, and then back to London, you could spend time at the ancientRoman ruins in Bath, touring the university in Oxford, planning a stop atStonehenge, visiting sites throughout London, and more.

Eating, Drinking and Relaxing

Of course, no touring trip in the UK is complete without spending sometime eating, drinking and relaxing. You’ll find options ranging from the iconic(the aforementioned Cat and Fiddle Inn at the top of the UK’s windingest road,for instance) to the up and coming. You might want to explore the street foodscene in downtown London, or find a quiet pub on a secluded mountain road inwhich to enjoy a pint or two.


Always expect the unexpected – that applies to your UK touring route, aswell. Make sure you can contact emergency roadside services in case of abreakdown (AA, RAC and Green Flag are some of the most recognizable names). Youalso need to ensure that you have your car serviced and ready for the rigors itwill face on the route. This is particularly true if you’re intent on taking anolder car out for a bit of challenging driving through tight corners, or upmountain slopes.

In the end, planning is the key to enjoying an amazing road trip acrossthe UK. Plan accurate, and well ahead of time. And, most of all, enjoyyourself.





Image: http://www.visitscotland.com/see-do/tours/driving-road-trips/

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