Make Plans to Attend Bug Jam 2018

Make Plans to Attend Bug Jam 2018

Do you love all things Volkswagen? Whether you’re passionate about the original Bug, about the original “hot hatch”, about the VW van, or something completely different, you cannot afford to miss Bug Jam 2018. This will be the 32nd Bug Jam, and it will be held over the course of three days in July at the Santa Pod Raceway. Attendees will enjoy everything from drag racing to live music, and everything in between.

What’s It All About?

Really, the name says it all, although it might be a bit limiting. While Bug Jam might have originated as a celebration of the VW Bug, it has grown into an event that celebrates everything Volkswagen, and then some.

What’s Scheduled for the Event?

You’ll find that the Bug Jam 32 schedule is pretty full. There is drag racing scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday of the event. The “Run What Ya Brung” event that allows vehicle owners to race whatever they might have on hand takes place Friday afternoon and evening, as well as Saturday morning and afternoon (at an additional cost).

In terms of entertainment, you’ll find daytime music on offer at the BugWam and at the live stage all three days, including bands and DJs. Note that there is a licensed bar within the BugWam, as well. Evening music takes place on the live stage, inside the BugWam, the Retro Tent, and within Fuelers Bar. Night-time music takes place both Friday and Saturday night.

In terms of vehicle-specific events, you can check out the Autoglym Showand Shine on Saturday only (VWs only), where you can see unique paint jobs,restoration work and more. The VW Rust and Rat is the antithesis of that event,and showcases ratrod VWs, rusted hulks, battered rides and more. The VW Rustand Rat is held on Sunday.

The monster truck events on Saturday and Sunday are also big draws, with car crushing, jumps, standoffs and more. Of course, the jet car events held throughout the weekend are also eye-opening and enjoyable.

Other Attractions

There are plenty of other reasons to consider attending Bug Jam 32. For instance, you’re allowed to camp on the property if you like and don’t mind spending a bit extra on your tickets. Note that club camping is available for clubs with at least 10 members attending the event.

There is also a kids’ zone, called Little Buggers. Here, you’ll find kid-friendly activities like face painting, dance, balloons, games, food and snacks, and more. There is also a fun fair held on all three days with carnival rides, games, food and drink, and more.

For those who prefer a bit less petrol fuelling things, there’s a human-powered run held on Saturday on the racetrack, and there are even live comedy shows held over the course of the weekend.

There are plenty of other events and attractions at this three-day event,so make plans to visit Bug Jam 32. You can learn more or purchase tickets through the event’s website.



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