What to Expect at Truckfest 2018

What to Expect at Truckfest 2018

Founded in 1983, Truckfest has grown to become the largest trucking festival in all of Europe. It is held throughout the UK over the course of the year, with events taking place in Peterborough, Ipswich, Malvern, Newark, Edinburgh,Kent, Shepton Mallet, and Knutsford. If you have a love for big, powerful engines, and massive vehicles, Truckfest is something that you should not miss.What does the 2018 event have to offer?

What to Expect

One thing to know at the outset is that the line-up of activities,vehicles and other attractions will vary from one location to another. For instance, the Peterborough show will see the Outback Truckers Yogi and Steve in attendance, as well as the bands Gladness and Noasis headlining the entertainment segment. In comparison, the southeast truck show will feature James Dylan’s Stunt world, as well as a special truck showcase at Hop Farm. However, there are some commonalities to all shows.

For instance, each show includes truck awards for the most interesting,powerful, decked/tricked out vehicles, and other categories. There are also truck shows at each festival that allow visitors to get up close and personal with some of the largest and most impressive examples of automotive technology in today’s world. Of course, the monster truck car crush is one of the most anticipated events of every show, and sees trucks like Swamp Thing and Slingshot in action.

Each show also hosts live musical entertainment, although the line-up of bands and performers changes with each show. There is a family fun fair available, where you can buy food and drink, relax, or take part in games and rides, as well. The kids zone is the best place for little ones – it’s filled with inflatable bounce houses, slides and other games. Each fair also offers a celebrity meet and greet at some point during the event’s duration.

When DoesTruckfest Take Place?

While Truckfest events are held throughout the UK during the course of the year, they actually span only a few months. Peterborough’s event covers the 6th and 7th of May 2018, and is the first of the year. Following that,Truckfest East takes place in mid-June, while the West Midlands and Wales event is held the last day of June and the first of July. The original Truckfest is held mid-July, with Truckfest Scotland taking place in early August. The southeast event takes place at the end of august, and the southwest and northwest events both take place in September.

What aboutTickets?

Tickets can be purchased in advance, or at the gate, although buying ahead of time is definitely recommended. The cost of tickets varies from one event to the next, depending on scale, size and other factors.

You can learn more about Truckfest 2018, the line-up of events,sponsors, activities and more at the official website: http://www.Truckfest.co.uk. Truck owners and exhibitors can also sign up through the website, as well as learn more about what is required in order to participate.



Image: http://www.truckfest.co.uk/

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