What to Expect at the International Autojumble in Beaulieu

What to Expect at the International Autojumble in Beaulieu

What to Expect at the International Autojumble in Beaulieu

While there are plenty of autojumbles held annually throughout the UK,nothing quite compares to the Beaulieu International Autojumble. It’s actually the largest outdoor sale of motoring related items anywhere in the UK, and there’s a great deal of fun to be had. What should you expect here? If you’ve never attended, prepare yourself for a unique experience. The 2018 event will mark the 51st year it has been celebrated.

Everything and Anything

There’s a saying that if you can’t find it at Beaulieu, then it doesn’t exist. This autojumble is an excellent opportunity to find some of the rarer pieces of motoring gear, equipment, literature or even tools that you might have been looking for. Whether you’re working on a restoration job yourself, or simply seeking motoring related collectibles, you’ll find it on offer here.

The Bonhams Auction

Held on Saturday only, the Bonhams auction includes both cars and motorcycles, all of which are vintage. Entry is by catalogue only, and conditions range from concourse ready to restoration projects waiting to get started.

Other Events Worth Noting

While the auction and the massive sale are both huge draws to the International Autojumble, there are quite a few other events worth noting that will take place over the course of the weekend. One of those is the auto mart,in which roughly 200 vehicles will be put up for sale. These are all owned by private owners, and include a very wide range of types, conditions and ages.You’ll find well known options here, but also some unique vehicles, as well as“home-brewed” vehicles.

The dealer mart is another event worth mentioning. Here, you’ll find classic cars offered for sale, but you’ll also find experts on hand to discuss restoration jobs, as well as coach builders who can help provide parts, labour,materials and more.

You’ll discover over 2,000 stands throughout the autojumble. These range from sellers offering replacement stock auto parts to those offering memorabilia and racing gear. We’d also recommend meeting with the team from Practical Classics, the primary sponsor and supporter of the event as a whole.

Make sure you take in the grand marquee, as well. Here, you’ll find an additional 2,000 square metres of stand space dedicated to automotive parts,motoring related items, and other items for sale. Sunday will be the only day that Trunk Traders is available, where you can sell your own automotive-related items or buy from other amateurs selling their own. You can sell out of your car’s boot, or you can set up a small stand behind your car.

When and Where

The 2018 International Autojumble will be held in September of that year, but there is not a specific date set for it as of yet. As with previous years, it will take place in Beaulieu, and the National Motor Museum will be open during the event for those who wish to attend.





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