Do the Yorkshire Circuit

Do the Yorkshire Circuit

Yorkshire is home to an incredible amount of English history. Inaddition to being the backdrop to the War of the Roses, you’ll find anincredible amount of natural beauty and history to explore, from waterfalls tomountain passes and more.

Whether you’re a history lover, or you just want to explore the stunninglandscape of the area, this tour is a great option for you. A circuit throughYorkshire can be incredibly rewarding, but there are some things that you’llneed to know.

Be Prepared

One of the things you’ll need to realise going in is that Yorkshire isoften heavily populated by tourists, which means tour buses can be problematic.That’s particularly true when you consider coming upon one on the road. Parkingcan also be a challenge, particularly during the height of summer, when thepopulation swells by several thousand people. Be prepared to park some distancefrom your objective and then walk to reach it.

It’s worth noting that the full circuit takes about three days tocomplete. You’ll need accommodations during that time, and it can be difficultto secure those during the peak tourist season. Our recommendation is to avoidtraveling during the height of summer. Instead, plan your trip for spring,after the weather begins to warm, or during fall as the weather starts to cooloff. Winter travel may also be good, depending on your abilities in snow andinclement weather.

Planning Notes

Note that this trip can be accomplished in less time, but we dorecommend three days to really have the chance to explore each area. We alsorecommend that you be prepared for the hairpin turns and quick switchbacks onthe A and B roads, particularly as you traverse the Buttertubs Pass intoSwaledale.

Again, the area is heavily travelled during the summer. We recommendbooking your trip at another time of year. We also recommend that you reserverooms early if you intend to make a multi-day trip out of it.

The Route

You’ll start your trip at Harrogate, on the A59. Head toward Grassington,where you can explore the market if you’re of a mind. After Grassington, you’lldouble back toward Aysgarth Falls, where you can explore the area. This is anideal option during the warmer months of the year, although sometimes ratherbusy during the middle of summer.

From the falls, you’ll head down to the valley floor, where you canvisit the Wensleydale Creamery’s visitor centre (sample the excellent cheeses) andthen head in to Reeth. From Reeth, you’ll turn back around and pass theJervaulx Abbey, where you can explore some of the dark, macabre medievalhistory of the area with a historic tour, or even venture out onto the moors ifyou like. You’ll end the tour at Masham Brewery, where you can enjoy a pintamidst the wild Yorkshire landscape.



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