Signing Up for the Wacky Rally

Signing Up for the Wacky Rally

Rally racing is serious business in the UK and Europe. However, thatdoesn’t mean that it can’t also be a great deal of fun. The Wacky Rally is onesuch event that allows you to pit your driving skills against others, but alsothrows in great deal of enjoyment at the same time. For 2018, the route ofchoice with Wacky Rally is “Barmy to Barcelona”, which allows you to experiencesome truly stunning landscape, while having a blast at the same time.

What’s Required for the Wacky Rally?

The Wacky Rally, regardless of the course you choose, requires that youdo thing a little bit different from other rally races. Rather than spending agreat deal of money buying and then tuning up a performance car, you’reexpected to spend no more than £300 on a “banger”.

You then need to do whatever you can to first get the car into conditionfor racing, and then to make it stand out from the crowd (rainbow paint jobs,huge shark fins on the roof, etc.). This is the car you’ll be racing acrossEurope.

What’s the Race Like?

The Barmy to Barcelona race takes place from the 6th of July through the9th of July 2018, and will run from Lille to Barcelona. The course itself spansover 1,500 miles, and encompasses some of the most challenging areas in all ofEurope.

It’s a rigorous race, with multiple countries completed per day. Thefirst day takes you from Lille to Thun, and you’ll drive through a total offive nations on this day. The second day takes you from Thun to Salze D’Oulx.

While this day doesn’t include as many countries, it does feature asignificant amount of mountain driving, so it will be tiring. Note that theroads you traverse on day two are narrow, with many hairpin turns, switchbacks, and steep ascents and descents. Day three takes you to Monte Carlo withyet more mountain driving before you reach the French Riviera. There are twopossible routes this day, so choose your path with care.

Day four sees you racing from Arles to Barcelona. This short drive isperhaps the fastest of the entire race, but there is a detour when you reachCosta Brava so you can grab a beer and/or food. After reaching Barcelona, theawards ceremony will be held on Las Ramblas.

Note that Barmy in Barcelona is only one of the races put on by WackyRally in 2018. Another option is Rockin’ to Rimini, which takes in sixcountries and a great deal of asphalt on your way to Rimini and ultimatevictory. Like Barmy to Barcelona, this race also requires that you drive abanger that cost no more than £300, and which must be customised so that itstands out in the race in some unique way.



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