Essential Kit for Your UK Road Tour

Essential Kit for Your UK Road Tour

Planning a UK road tour? Whether you’re making the run from London north to Edinburgh, touring North Ireland’s stunning shores, our navigating the turns, hills, and woodlands of Wales, you’re in for an incredible time. However, the right pieces of kit will make a major difference in your level of enjoyment. Here’s a quick rundown of the kit you simply must have.

  1. Spare Clothing

If there is one single thing that you will learn on your UK road tour, it’s that the weather can change at the drop of a hat. Summer days can turn cold, winter evenings can turn brutal, spring and autumn are ephemeral concepts more than actual seasons. Spare clothing on hand will help ensure that you’re able to deal with whatever Mother Nature throws your way, from rain and thunder to snow and howling winds.

  1. Spare Battery/Battery Pack

You’re going to bring your electronics along – smartphones and tablets are central parts of our lives today. However, you cannot count on having access to electricity to recharge those devices, particularly in the instance that your car breaks down. Have a spare battery and/or battery pack on hand so that even if you’re stranded in the Scottish Highlands, you can call for help.

  1. Bug Spray and Itch Cream

A back roads tour of the UK is a tremendous opportunity for enjoyment, but it’s also sure to bring you close up with some of the nation’s less exciting wildlife, such as wasps and mosquitos. Bug spray should be considered an essential piece of kit no matter where you might be going, particularly during the warmer months of the year. Itch cream should also be brought along for the inevitable insect that cannot be dissuaded by spray.

  1. Toilet Roll

Yes, you’ll likely be able to use stocked restrooms during much of your tour, but there is always the chance that you’ll encounter a loo that isn’t up to par. Prevent that from being a problem by carrying at least one toilet roll with you in the car. You’ll find it’s also handy for other little things along the way, such as substituting for face tissue in a pinch, or even cleaning your glasses.

  1. A Notebook and Writing Utensil

Sure, writing by hand is a dying art, but make sure you keep a notebook and something to write with inside the car on your trip. These can be important tools for any number of things, ranging from jotting down ideas and impressions of what you see and do to leaving notes, and more. Don’t depend on a notetaking app on your mobile, as there may be a time you need to provide noted information to someone you meet along the way.

In the end, these five things are must have pieces of kit for your road tour. While they might not be as well-known as your first aid kit, or as common sense as carrying extra cash with you, they will help see you on your way.



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