Restoration classic car

Tips for Choosing the Right Resto Car

Restoration involves a lot of sweat and cursing, but it can be incredibly rewarding. However, you can’t just plunk down the money for any old classic car and get to work. Whether you’re interested in buying a fixer-upper to use as a daily driver or because you want to sell it later, you’ll need to […]

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History of the BSA M20


With a production run spanning decades and over 126,000 units produced for WWII alone, the BSA M20 remains one of the single most iconic bikes of the era. Manufactured by Birmingham Small Arms Company in Small Heath, Birmingham, the bike became the proverbial phoenix, rising from the ashes of initial failure and ascending to pre-eminence. […]

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History of The Panther Model 100

The Panther Model 100

Low and sleek, the Panther Model 100 was an iconic British motorcycle in the early and mid-1900s. It was ultimately one of the most successful bikes, with a production run of over 30 years. During that time, it evolved considerably but never lost its classic style and form. The Birth of the Panther Model 100 […]

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History of the Reliant Kitten

The Reliant Kitten

While it might not get the press that the Reliant Regal or Robin did, the Kitten ultimately became one of the company’s more popular vehicles. It shared the four-wheel format of the Rebel and was offered in three different body styles over its production span – a saloon, an estate, and a van. Understanding the […]

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History of the Reliant Rebel

The Reliant Rebel

Debuting in 1964, the Reliant Rebel marked several firsts for the automaker. It rivalled marques with wider acceptance in the UK and Europe, such as the Austin Mini, and ultimately had a decade-long production run. The Idea for the Rebel Originally, Reliant manufactured three-wheeled vehicles. However, Ray Wiggin, Reliant’s managing director, believed that four-wheel vehicles […]

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Iconic Drive of Route 66

The Iconic Drive of Route 66

There are few touring options as iconic as Route 66. While the great highway itself might have fallen from grace with the advent of the interstate system, it still makes an amazing way to see some of the forgotten parts of the country. What should you know about Route 66 and the things to see […]

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