Motor Fairs: More Than Just Automotive Technology Displays

Motor Fairs: More Than Just Automotive Technology Displays

Motor Fairs: More Than Just Automotive Technology Displays

If you’ve never attended a motor fair, then the appeal might seem a little mysterious. Sure, you get an up-close look at cars, trucks and other automobiles, but what else is there to do? Actually, there’s quite a lot depending on the show in question. Here are some of the top activities to enjoy while attending a motor fair here in the UK. 

The Tech of Tomorrow

One of the most popular attractions at motor fairs is the chance to get a look at the automotive technology of tomorrow. This is particularly true with larger fairs, such as the London Motor Show, where brands from around the world debut concept cars that will never see the open road, as well as astonishing technology that’s currently in development and might one day be available to consumers. It’s not all about what might be coming decades from now, though. You’ll get a good introduction to topics like driverless cars, which will be here sooner than you might think, as well as hybrid and electric car technology. 

Lectures and Education

Far from being a visual experience only, you can also attend lectures given by some of the industry’s leaders. These range from heads of auto manufacturing companies to green technology pundits and much more. 

History of Motoring

Depending on the motor fair in question, you’ll also get a look at some of the most iconic cars of the past. This applies to major fairs like the London Motor Show, but also to smaller ones geared more for classic cars, such as the Flying Scotsman or the London Classic Car Show. 


Gone are the days when motor fair attendees were limited to enjoying the sound of revving engines and the smell of petrol. Today’s fairs are family-friendly events with entertainment for all ages. You’ll find a full arcade at the London Motor Show, but even smaller fairs offer entertainment like live music, vehicle demonstrations and more. 

The Chance to Get Behind the Wheel

While not true of all fairs, many offer attendees the opportunity to get behind the wheel of some of the cars on hand. Imagine being able to drop that new Porsche into gear, or rev the engine on that classic Ferrari. As a note, test-driving centres fill up quickly at motor fairs, so it’s highly advised that you get there early to ensure you get your chance. 

Get Your Eat On

Gone are the days when you had to make do with bland, boring concession food at motor fairs. Most of today’s events feature professional catering and some of the tastiest fare you’ll find outside of a high-street restaurant, so bring your appetite. 

As you can see, there’s more to do at most motor fairs than simply walk up and down endless rows of automobiles. Today’s events are family-friendly and designed to be enjoyable for just about anyone. With the wide range of events taking place across Britain, you’re sure to find one near you. 



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