The Cat and Fiddle Inn

The Cat and Fiddle Inn

The Cat and Fiddle Inn

If you’re looking for a challenging drive and a rewarding location at the end of it, then you should most certainly consider Britain’s “windingest” road, and the Cat and Fiddle Inn. You might be surprised at just how hard this road works your ride, and how much you enjoy your stay at the inn. 

The Road

The road is called The Cat and Fiddle Road. Technically, it’s part of the A537, as well as the A53 and A54, and it links Buxton to Macclesfield. It’s widely known for its very sharp corners, so bring your A game here. In addition to being quite challenging, the road has earned a reputation as something of a “widow maker” so care should be exercised. 

Pay attention to the views as you drive, particularly across Greater Manchester. There are also several other scenic views, including the Cheshire Plain, and the Peak District National Park. 

The route begins in Buxton, although you can pick it up at many other points. In Buxton, you’ll get on where the A5004 and A53 join, and then travel west toward Ladmanlow. From this point, it commences to climb, and the famed turns set in. 

The Cat and Fiddle Inn

At the top of the road, you’ll find the Cat and Fiddle Inn, the second highest pub in Britain. It sits at almost 1,700 feet above sea level, which is just below the level of the Tan Hill Inn. The pub itself was originally constructed in 1813. 

The inn itself sits at the top of a hill, almost completely isolated from anything else. The car park is noted as being somewhat crowded, but the building is very spacious, so many visitors find that it feels a little empty compared to the cramped-ness of the parking lot. Many visitors remark on the quality of the food, as well as the drink. 

Over the intervening years, the Cat and Fiddle Inn has become quite the destination for drivers, walkers, and even bikers. Due to the lack of street lights in the area, it has also become popular with stargazers. 

In terms of food, you’ll find a lot of UK favorites, all sourced locally and seasonally. There are also two acoustic stages used for entertainment. 

If you’re interested in spending some time at the Cat and Fiddle Inn, opening time is 9 AM throughout the week. They close at 4 PM Monday through Friday, but are open until 5 PM Saturday and Sunday. The homemade soup of the day is always worth a try, although you can also enjoy beans on toast, eggs on toast, a wide range of potato dishes, numerous sandwiches. The inn also offers a full list of wines and spirits for those who don’t have a taste for beer. It’s all well worth the ride! 



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